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  • Services
    D-J Engineering, Inc. specialize in machining, sheet metal, assembly, composite, extrusions, hot forming, and engineering for the aerospace industry. With over 300 employees in 300,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, we focus our attention to serving the aerospace industries, including commercial, military, general aviation and rocket/satellite. We produce very large assemblies and the details that go into them for anything th… more»
  • Capabilities
    Machine Engineering & Design Inspection & Quality Assurance Machining & Milling Assemblies FAA Certified Repairs Composites Metal Forming Extrusions Heat Treatment Tooling Welding Metrology & Quality Assurance If we need a new capability, we acquire it. When we need a new process, we develop it. If it doesn’t exist, we invent it. Because of our constant growth, the true … more»
    • Assemblies
      Need a large scale assembly project completed? D-J Engineering has completed assemblies such as the B-52 Engine Strut, KC-135 Crew Entry Doors and Spoilers, FA-18 Blue Angel Oil Tanks, the 767 Tanker/Transport Floor Beam Assemblies, and the Aerial Refueling Boom Structure and Skins. As an “Integrator” D-J Engineering, Inc. has developed a top-notch assembly team. Assembly supervisors and assemblers are certified in: Fastener… more»
    • Composites
      Composites are here to stay in the aerospace industry. In continuing our tradition of providing the most comprehensive aerospace manufacturing services available, D-J has added a 7,500 square foot composites facility at our Augusta, KS facility. Our inert gas 7 x 24 ft. autoclave is currently capable of processing composite assemblies up to 120 psi at 400F. Our positive pressure 80 x 45 ft. Class 100,000 clean room (100,000 particles of .… more»
    • Extrusions
      Aluminum extrusions are one of the basic building blocks of airplanes. Unfortunately, they can be hard to get. Not if you call D-J. We specialize in doing custom or low production runs of aircraft alloy aluminum extrusions. With two extrusion presses at our disposal (1400 and 2200 ton), we can do small or large extrusions up to 10” in diameter. We’ve adapted our larger press to do pierced hollow extrusions. If the extrusion … more»
    • FAA Certified Repairs
      Approved by the FAA to perform work on various military aircraft as well as commercial and general aviation aircraft including helicopters and business jets, D-J Engineering has the capabilities to overhaul and repair flight critical sheet metal assemblies, advanced composite and metallic bonded assemblies, hydraulic components, mechanical actuators, gearboxes, landing gear and propellers. D-J Engineering employs certified mechanics incl… more»
    • Heat Treatment
      Aircraft aluminum alloys require special attention. Annealing, Solution Heat Treating, Stress Relief, Aging. D-J does it all. At our Nadcap accredited facility in Conway Springs, KS, we have what it takes. Our vertical drop-bottom furnace dwarfs most others. It allows D-J to heat treat parts up to 35’ long. Our 14 ft. vertical drop bottom furnace is well suited for a small profile class of extrusion. If your project or part has a… more»
    • Inspection & Quality Assurance
      As an ISO-9001 and AS 9100 certified supplier, we take pride in delivering only the best. If you have unique quality requirements, we will cooperate with your team to make certain that your standards become ours. Our products fly. Quality is non-negotiable. Our existing customers know this. Find out for yourself. Precision products require precision tools. We have two Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM’s), four Laser Trackers… more»
    • Machine Engineering & Design
      D-J Engineering, Inc. maintains a qualified, technically diverse staff of engineering, production, and administrative personnel. Many of the technical staff members at D-J have prior experience at major OEM’s in the aerospace industry. D-J Engineering employs over 20 mechanical, civil, aerospace, chemical, production, and electrical engineers, which are deployed on the shop floor as well as in the offices, maintaining direct involve… more»
    • Machining & Milling
      D-J Engineering, Inc. started as a simple machine shop. We know machining. Our CNC mills range in size from small 3-axis mills and lathes to huge 5-axis gantry machines, capable of producing parts up to 60’ in length. We have acquired and maintain a variety of equipment to ensure that we can produce nearly anything. Our large 5-axis CNC mills allow us to produce complex parts with fewer setups and increased accuracy. Our smaller 3-a… more»
    • Metal Forming
      In response to customer interest, D-J Engineering has continued to develop our metal forming capabilities. Our ASEA 14,000 PSI Bladder Press is one of the largest in the world having two 42.5” by 157.1” press tables. The 7-Axis CNC Brake Press can be fitted with heated dies for hot forming when necessary. Our 22 ft. Sheridan-Gray skin stretch press is fitted with 5 ft. straight jaws but can be used with larger curved jaws des… more»
    • Metrology & Quality Assurance
      All of our new production facilities are ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100C certified and maintain a variety of NADCAP Special Process certifications. The D-J Group of companies has developed a culture centered on continuous improvement through robust training and internal audit programs to ensure our products exceed our customers’ expectations! Our products fly. Quality is non-negotiable. Our customer portfolio contains most of the… more»
    • Non Destructive Testing
      Nadcap Certified Utrasonic Through Transmission Capabilities Qualified for Bell Helicopter and Cessna X-Ray Magnetic Particle Inspection Dye Penetrate Inspection Eddy Current Inspection Radio Graphic Inspection Through Transmission Ultra Sonic C Scan Pulse Echo A Scan more»
    • Spares Engineering
      DJE has extensive resources in both metrology equipment and engineering software that, combined with its technical depth, provides the tools needed to ensure capability and accuracy for virtually any 2D and/or 3D digitizing effort. Recent activity has been in support of manufacturing contracts which include a fully systems integrated B52-H Left-Hand Outboard Strut, KC-135 Crew Entry Doors, KC-135 Inboard Spoilers and Blue Angels Oil Tank … more»
    • Tooling
      The D-J Engineering Tooling Department designs and fabricates tooling of all types for use within D-J as well as delivery to OEM customers. With their own design staff and manufacturing capabilities they can do it all, including fiberglass lay-ups. Our high bay facility with overhead crane make it easier to do what needs to be done. Then, the Tooling Dept. can verify it with its’ own laser tracker.  The Tooling Department also… more»
    • Welding
      D-J Engineering has skilled aircraft welders qualified to carry out Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) for Aerospace applications on a variety of metals to exacting specifications of customers. D-J engineering has supported their customers in this field consistently for several years. more»
  • Certifications
    DJ Engineering: ISO 9001:(2015)  AS9100D NADCAP –Welding Certificate NADCAP –Welding Scope NADCAP –NonDestructive Testing NADCAP –NonDestructive Testing Scope DJ Composites ISO 9001:(2015) AS9100D NADCAP –Composites NADCAP–Chemical Processing AgustaWestland - (QRS01, COP-000, COP-002, COP-007, MAT-010) Boeing - (BAC5317, BAC5317-2, D6-49327, BAC5621, Class II) Bombardier Aerospa… more»
  • About
    I invite you to send a potential project for our review and proposal.Better yet, drop in and visit us. D-J Engineering represents my best attempt at providing the most comprehensive array of engineering and manufacturing services available to the aerospace industry. Recognizing that technical and schedule performance are enhanced when one organization controls all aspects of a project or product, we have continued to expand our technical… more»
  • Contact
    D-J Engineering, Inc. 219 W 6th Ave.Augusta, KS 67010, USAPhone: 316-775-1212 Quoting Authority: Rezaul Chowdhury Ray Tuschhoff Cindy Schooley Ken Hiten Ryan Hernandez Matt Jirak Jeff Brown D-J Extruding 723 E. Spring Ave.Conway Springs, KS 67031, USAPhone: 620-456-3121 Quoting Authority: Rezaul Chowdhury Ray Tuschhoff Cindy Schooley Ken Hiten Ryan Hernandez Matt Jirak Jeff Brown D-J Aerospace, … more»
    • D-J Engineering
      Corporate Headquarter219 W 6th Ave.Augusta, Kansas 67010USA View Map Phone: 316-775-1212Fax: 316-775-5993 Email: websales@djgrp.com      Capabilities at this location Machining Tooling Composites Assembly FAA Repair Station Deep Draw Hard Metal Forming (Titanium and Inconnel) Welding more»
    • D-J Extruding
      723 E. Spring AvenueConway Springs, KS 67031USAView Map Phone: 316-775-1212 Email: websales@djgrp.com     Capabilities at this location Extrusions - We are a raw material supplier of aluminum extrusions to the aircraft industry.We perform large and small production runs of custom extrusions up to 10” diameter as well as stretch forming of large and small aluminum extrusions. Sheet Metal Heat Treatment - We ar… more»
    • D-J Composites
      Gander NFCanada Email: websales@djgrp.com   Capabilities at this location Autoclave Composites FAA Certified Clean Room View all D-J Engineering capabilities more»
    • D-J Aero
      Subic BayPhilippines Email: websales@djgrp.com   Capabilities at this location Machining Sheet Metal Heat Treatment View all D-J Engineering capabilities more»
    • D-J Engineering Repair Station
      Augusta, KS email: websales@djgrp.com   Capabilities FAA Repair Station more»
    • Request a Quote
      D-J Engineering is a leading expert in engineering/design, machining, metal forming, aircraft forming, tooling, extrusions and more. Our advanced technology combined with our astute knowledge of our capabilities gives you the confidence in your final product. For a quick quote on a project, fill out the information below and we'll be in touch. more»
    • Contact Us
      D-J Engineering, Inc. 219 W 6th Ave.Augusta, KS 67010, USAPhone: 316-775-1212 Quoting Authority: Rezaul Chowdhury Ray Tuschhoff Cindy Schooley Ken Hiten Ryan Hernandez Matt Jirak Jeff Brown D-J Extruding 723 E. Spring Ave.Conway Springs, KS 67031, USAPhone: 620-456-3121 Quoting Authority: Rezaul Chowdhury Ray Tuschhoff Cindy Schooley Ken Hiten Ryan Hernandez Matt Jirak Jeff Brown D-J Aerospace, … more»
    November 19, 2013 VISION The Vision of D-J Engineering Group is to be a key manufacturer and MRO of complex components and assemblies for the aerospace industry. MISSION D-J Engineering Group will become a key player through: Investing in technology, equipment and developing new processes Focusing on difficult to manufacture and emergent customer designed products Emphasizing quality, safety and environmental awareness Employing… more»

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